Cleaning Advice

Cleaning is an essential part of moving process that shouldn't be forgotten. Here you'll stumble across some useful hints that will let you prepare easily your old home for landlord's inspection.

Money Issues

One relocation is never cheap but in this category you'll find out a couple of simple tricks that can save you a fortune.

Moving Tips

Are you looking for an easy way to cope with your home removals? Then it's time to visit this category and discover the best moving tips and tricks.

Packing Essentials

Do you want to be able to pack like a pro? Professional movers with great experience will reveal their packing secrets only here.

Real Estate

Discovering the best property is the main goal for everyone who is planning to move in a new home. Read our essential tips for professional real estate agents and make sure that you'll rent or buy the right house or apartment.

Removal Services

What experienced movers could do for you? Find out what removal services you can take advantage of here.

Tips for Writing a Resume

typing machine and a sheet of paperRelocation planning and searching for a new job can be quite a hassle. Therefore hire professionals which offer domestic removals in London and save some time that you can dedicate on writing and send around your resume. There are numerous qualified and capable moving firms that offer domestic removals in London at very affordable prices.
When you are writing your resume to present it to your potential employers you must follow some simple rules:

1. Always describe in full detail your education and past employment. This way the employers will know how capable and experienced you are. Even more if you have a unique skill set your future employers will be ready to cover your relocation expenses because they will know that you can be a valuable asset to their company.

2. Always mention on the top of your resume that you will be relocating to the area with a removal company. Don’t forget to mention the exact date of your arrival. This way the employers will know if an opening will be available by that time.

3. When mentioning about the relocation, with make sure to communicate the reasons of your relocations as well. For example you can write down that you are moving just because the area offers better career opportunities in a particular work field. This will inform potential employers that you are moving solely because of the opportunity to work for them.

4. Always state your readiness to attend interviews. This is very important as you will be demonstrating that you are ambitious and that you want to start to work as quickly as possible.

5. Never use the contact details and the address of a friend of yours who lives in the area in which you are relocating. This can only complicate things. Therefore always write down your current and future address and phone numbers. Also write down an e-mail in your resume.

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