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Cleaning is an essential part of moving process that shouldn't be forgotten. Here you'll stumble across some useful hints that will let you prepare easily your old home for landlord's inspection.

Money Issues

One relocation is never cheap but in this category you'll find out a couple of simple tricks that can save you a fortune.

Moving Tips

Are you looking for an easy way to cope with your home removals? Then it's time to visit this category and discover the best moving tips and tricks.

Packing Essentials

Do you want to be able to pack like a pro? Professional movers with great experience will reveal their packing secrets only here.

Real Estate

Discovering the best property is the main goal for everyone who is planning to move in a new home. Read our essential tips for professional real estate agents and make sure that you'll rent or buy the right house or apartment.

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What experienced movers could do for you? Find out what removal services you can take advantage of here.

Survival Tips when Living with Flatmate

moving services LondonDo you think that sharing an apartment or a house with a flatmate is not such a big deal? You’d better think again because that could be a real nightmare if you don’t bear in mind a few survival tips. What are they? Let’s find out…

Share household chores

Who will dump rubbish? Who will clean the bathtub? Should you wash dishes straight away or they could stay in the sink for a week? All that may seem just like a trifling detail but, trust me, it could turn easily your life to a nightmare. Exactly daily chores are the most popular reason for between people who are living in the same house or apartment. How can you manage with this issue? The solution is quite easily – all you have to do is discuss with your flatmate everyone’s responsibilities and obligations before calling a removal company London and moving in together. You’d better make a schedule with all household chores and make sure that it’ll be observed.

Time to pay bills

Money is another common issue between flatmates. You have to have a word with your flatmate and decide how you’ll share your expenses. Obviously, everyone will cover equals parts of the rent but what about other costs? Will you buy food together? How will you share gas, electricity and water bills? You must sort that out before taking advantage of moving services London if you want to save yourself any trouble.

Living with a flatmate is never easy because you have to consider each others needs and characteristics.

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